Finance and Controlling (FICO)

SAP FICO is a combination of two ERP modules, i.e., Finance Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO). Under Finance in SAP and at an enterprise level, the following modules take part −

  • FI − Finance
  • CO − Controlling
  • IM − Investment Management
  • TR − Treasury
  • EC − Enterprise Controlling

SAP FI (Financial Accounting) is accountable for tracking the flow of financial data across the organization in a controlled manner and integrating all the information for effective strategic decision-making.

Activities Involved in SAP FI
  • Creation of Organizational Structure (Defining Company, Company Codes, business Areas, Functional Areas, Credit Control, Assignment of Company Codes to Credit Controls)
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings (Maintenance of Fiscal Year, Posting Periods, defining Document types, posting keys, Number ranges for documents)
  • General Ledger Accounting (Creation of Chart of Accounts, Account groups, defining data transfer rules, creation of General Ledger Account)
  • Tax Configuration & Creation and Maintenance of House of Banks
  • Account Payables (Creation of Vendor Master data and vendor-related finance attributes like account groups and payment terms)
  • Account Receivables (Creation of Customer Master data and customer-related finance attributes like account groups and payment terms
  • Asset Accounting
  • Integration with SD and MM

SAP CO (Controlling) module facilitates coordinating, monitoring, and optimizing all the processes in an organization. It controls the business flow in an organization. This module helps in analyzing the actual figures with the planned data and in planning business strategies.

Two kinds of elements are managed in CO −

  • Cost elements
  • Revenue elements

These elements are stored in the FI module.

Activities Involved in SAP CO
  • Cost Element Accounting (Overview of the costs and revenues that occur in an organization)
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Activity-Based-Accounting (Analyzes cross-departmental business processes)
  • Internal Orders
  • Product Cost Controlling (Calculates the costs that occur during the manufacture of a product or provision of a service)
  • Profitability Analysis (Analyzes the profit or loss of an organization by individual market segments)
  • Profit Center Accounting (Evaluates the profit or loss of individual, independent areas within an organization)

Activities in SAP CO

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