Service Cloud

Salesforce’s Service Cloud is a customer support solution that helps businesses deliver more responsive and faster service across every channel, from the contact center to social networks. The Service Cloud enables businesses to meet their customers where they interact, such as Facebook or Twitter, to ensure that every customer need is met. The Service Cloud can also improve agent collaboration, improving their productivity and the customer experience they deliver. With the Service Cloud, companies can service and engage with their customers in more effective ways while also improving service agent performance.

The Service Cloud’s extensive customer channels–including online communities, customer self service, public knowledgebases and more–cut down on labor intensive human services, giving agents more time and resources to focus on other customer-facing processes.

The Service Cloud features extensive social media capabilities, integrating these tools into the core system–ensuring a seamless, uncomplicated experience for the user.

The Service Cloud includes a powerful Visual Process Manager tool that helps to create workflows and approvals, while reducing the amount of manual activities that must be performed.

The Service Cloud, like other solutions, can be relatively expensive compared to other Software-as-a-Service CRM products available on the market. does not offer a Service Level Agreement unless the customer requests one, and SLAs often fall behind the guarantees of other CRM providers.

If businesses are seeking a broader solution that covers other back office processes, such as accounting, products like the Service Cloud lack such features.

For organizations that primarily use a contact center as the point of delivery for customer service, Service Cloud may offer what is needed to improve their support processes. If companies are seeking a best-of-breed CRM solution, has more than established its reputation in such an area, and the Service Cloud offers tightly integrated applications to streamline service processes, while also providing innovative social media capabilities.