Allianz Technology

Our multi-step implementation process has helped over 70 manufacturing and distribution companies optimize their business processes. Whether your company is switching to a completely new system or undergoing a major upgrade, take advantage of our proven ERP implementation methodology. Our past ERP services have helped reduce the load on company resources.

While most mid-market manufacturing companies are lacking in implementation expertise, our team of experts are here for you to leverage for best results. We will supplement your team in all critical focus areas of the project.

We’re with you all the way. The most successful and seamless implementation occurs when the manufacturer is fully engaged in the process. We will help you align your resources, the executive team and the needs of the project.

In today’s competitive business climate, we suggest an even more rigorous focus on enterprise software implementation by tracking additional metrics like disruptions in operations, impact on productivity, and level of ERP adoption across the enterprise. ERP systems impact almost every aspect of a company, so the success of an implementation is of the utmost importance.

During the business process improvement phase, we will help you define your key performance indicators and a reporting strategy as part of the future state.

Organizational change management is a key part of process improvement, and therefore a key part of every ERP implementation. We will guide your client team every step of the way in the development of a change management plan.

Our team excels at setting up and delivering effective ERP education materials to the manufacturing enterprise. All process owners must become “ERP experts” in their own right in order for a successful implementation and go-live. A thorough ERP education helps with ERP adoption and effectiveness in the years to come.

We have significant experience designing an effective development/test phase for extensive testing of the new system in conference room pilot environments. We will lead in-depth sessions for testing of processes, integration and workflow.

We assist in the final deploy and go-live after thoroughly managing and tracking the pilot, tests, data migration/integration and fixes or customizations and other pre-deployment phases. We will help your company turn the focus onto user instruction, user documentation and training with the entire user community. Finally, the team finalizes the “cutover” plan of activities, and revises as needed to minimize disruptions to the operation.

We ensure the project team keeps their eye on the true goal: business process improvement. All too often ERP teams lose sight of the true goals of the project yielding to the desire to “just get it implemented.” Ultra’s change management activities keep everyone’s attention on driving business process improvement that drives business performance improvement.